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eSports Beta FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer some of the basic questions you may have about the beta testing period of MGON's eSports. If you have any other questions about eSports please feel free to forward all of your concerns to [email protected]

  1. Welcome to the eSports-Europe beta signup
  2. What exactly is eSports?
  3. What do I get out of an eSports membership?
  4. How do I become a member?
  5. When will the beta test start?
  6. Once I am a member, what do I need to start playing?
  7. What games are/will be available?
  8. Why is eSports being launched in Europe? What about the rest of the world?

1. Welcome to the eSports-Europe beta signup.

The purpose of this beta is to test eSports and prepare for its European Launch.

2. What exactly is eSports?

In the most basic terms, eSports is a world wide virtual arena, where gamers can compete against one another, both locally and globally, in structured leagues and ladders, in some of the most popular computer games. You must be a registered eSports member to have access to the eSports arenas.

3. What do I get out of eSports membership?

As a registered eSports member, you will have access to a global competitive arena. You will be able to compete in structured leagues, ladders and competitions at your own skill level against other gamers. Membership will grant you access to extensive community resources such as chats, message boards and exclusive downloads. Basically everything you need to get the most out of your gaming experience.

As an eSports member, you will have access to MGON's state-of-the-art game server clusters, the ability to book servers and to create servers-on-demand ensuring that you always have a server to play on.

eSports statistics will track your skill level, to make sure that you are matched against gamers that are at a similar game play level as your are. These matchmaking features enable you to compete in the various eSports tournaments and championships at your own skill level.

eSports members will have access to extensive tournament management tools, meaning that anyone can book a server and run their own tournament, or just play amongst friends.

eSports will have a Quality of Service guarantee, making it certain that you will always have access to server resources, and that our servers always have great response times.

4. How do I become a member?

In order to supply you with the member benefits outlined previously, eSports has to be a paid service. You can sign up for eSports online. You will receive a unique login and can start playing in the eSports arena within minutes.

At this time, we accept payment by MasterCard or Visa. We are working on adding more payment methods such as direct debit, debit cards, invoicing and pay pal amongst others

Participation in this beta test is free.

5. When will the Beta Test start?

We are planning to start the beta testing during the first week of October. You can register your interest in the beta test at:

We will contact everyone who signed up via email and invite them to sign up for the beta test at that time.

6. Once I am a member, what do I need to start playing?

You need the original version of the game you wish to compete in, along with an eSports mod. The mods are available for download on the eSports website and will be sent to you on CD as part of your welcome package.

Once you have the game and the mod installed, you will be able to login to the eSports servers and start playing against others.

7. What games are/ will be available?

At the time of launch, eSports will support Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Half Life. Note that you must own the original version of each game in order to play it on the eSports servers. You also need the eSports mods for each game.

MGON will be working closely with developers to make certain that eSports is available for upcoming computer games, and we will be working with mod developers to give you access to popular older computer games.

For the purpose of this beta test, only Quake 3 will be supported.

8. Why is eSports being launched in Europe? What about the rest of the World?

Initially eSports is being launched in Scandinavia and the UK. This is simply because MGON is a Swedish company and we want to test the services on our local market before rolling it out worldwide. In order to allow people from all over the world to play on the same terms, MGON will be rolling out eSports services in other parts of the world shortly. eSports has always been intended as a global service. Rest assured, this is something we are just as eager to do as you are!