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Aliens vs Predator 2
Created Mon, May 20 17:54 by Simon0 comments -  Post a reply
Leading up to a set of guides for AVP2, we republish Simons thoughts on this highly acclaimed sequel. Did it live up to the originality and playability of the first..?

Online Gaming: 2
Created Tue, May 14 01:43 by Morten0 comments -  Post a reply
The second look at the world of online gaming from our man Morten. Having already taken a look at where it all began, he travels a bit further towards the present this time round...

C-S 1.4 Review
Created Wed, May 1 09:10 by Lokken0 comments -  Post a reply
Lokken takes a look at the latest release of Counter-Strike, has it lived up to the glory days or is it proof this old dog has had its day? Decide by reading on!

Medal of Honor: AA
Created Tue, Apr 30 14:48 by Morten0 comments -  Post a reply
MOH is one of the titles lined up in the Bookable Servers, so we thought it only right to take a look at what Morten has to say on the subject. Still unsure on if this game should join your collection? Read on to this review...

Microsoft Online
Created Mon, Apr 29 03:26 by Simon0 comments -  Post a reply
Microsoft and their XBox are new to the console world, so do they have the ability to take on the other players? We take a look at how the XBox copes with online gaming...

eSports Weekly
Created Sun, Apr 28 14:29 by Miff0 comments -  Post a reply
As we wave goodbye to another week of happenings at eSports, take time out to reflect upon the previous 7 days and ensure you didn't miss anything...

Unreal II Preview
Created Fri, Apr 26 01:41 by Prophecy6 comments -  Post a reply
Prophecy takes a look at the follow up title to Unreal, this time putting you in a new role against new enemies in new immersive enviroments...

Online Gaming I
Created Thu, Apr 25 11:29 by Morten0 comments -  Post a reply
Online gaming is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular these last years with releases of games like: Diablo, UT, Quake 3, and Ground Control, but these games were far from the first games to be played online...

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