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Quake 3 1v1
  View Player Profile Carmen   View Player Profile metropolis   4   2   2002-04-05 10:29
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile metropolis   View Player Profile Carmen   5   3   2002-04-05 10:13
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile Thomas_Trance   View Player Profile Carmen   21   0   2002-03-21 14:30
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile (184)Zeatrix   View Player Profile [f1zk]Chtulhu   7   2   2002-03-16 16:58
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile johan   View Player Profile idle_pumkin   11   0   2002-03-15 12:24
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile idle_pumkin   View Player Profile metropolis   5   1   2002-03-08 09:52
   Detailed Match Result   
  View Player Profile MrPixel   View Player Profile idle_pumkin   8   2   2002-02-28 15:05
   Detailed Match Result   
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