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E3 Thursday - First Looks!
Thu, May 17 23:05 | 0 comments - Post a reply
As every e3 is, this one is just as large scale and over the top. There are thousands of people shuffling around, all trying to get the latest information on the best new releases and somehow not get lost in the whole mess that is e3.
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Transworld Skate
Transword Snow Boarding
Transworld Surfing

We arrived at the LA convention center around 9am (Pacific time) today to try and get an early run on things. We walked around the console area for about an hour or so just to see who had what games on display. Sony seemed to have sunk a lot of money in to bringing a large majority of Playstation2 games to the exposition (as they always do). The real eye catcher though, for me anyhow, was the displays put on by Nintendo and their new gaming console. We were not allowed to take any pictures of the games being played, mainly because they are pre-alpha so there is not to be any information leaked about them.

As Dale and Thomas wondered from meeting to meeting with Logitech Australia and Pan Interactive I got most of my things ready for the Infogrames sit-down. We were part of a small viewing audience that was allowed a sneak-peak at the three upcoming sporting releases called Transworld Skate Boarding, Transworld Snow Boarding, Transworld Surfing.

Here is a little taste of some of things I'm seeing while down here. For more pictures be sure to check out my day-1 photos.

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