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 Gamesphere failure?
News item written by Slay, April, 02 | 0 comments
Several sites are reporting on the much anticipated GameSphere lan, and its progress
 CB Nations.Q3 groups
News item written by Slay, April, 01 | 0 comments
Godsmurf made the much anticipated groups announcement for the ClanBase Nations Cup TDM tonight.
 Huge EuroCup weekend over
News item written by Slay, April, 01 | 0 comments
I guess that the EuroCupV participants didn't have anything else to do on the Easter Sunday than to play their matches, thus a whole 8 where scheduled.
 NationsCup.Q3: More info
News item written by Slay, March, 30 | 0 comments
The league format and team captains were announced last night on the ClanBase NationsCup Q3dm page.
 lm over VSE in a 2 mapper
News item written by Slay, March, 29 | 0 comments
Just like on Wednesday, only one match was scheduled for Thursday night, the match between the Legacy of the mob(Sweden) and VSE(Norway).
 CB Nations Cup
News item written by Slay, March, 28 | 0 comments
After a very successfull CS Nations Cup last season, the Clanbase crew has decided to expand their Nations Cup, and are now featuring cups for Q3(dmtp, ctf), CS, UT(TacOps, ctf) and Q2 CTF.
 A bit more about Valve's new steam technology
News item written by Lokken, March, 28 | 0 comments
ExtremeTech published an article last Thursday detailing information about Valve Software's new stream technology. The article isn't overly technical and provides a good analysis of both what the technology entails and how it can impact the gaming market in the future. What seems to have started as a way to prevent cheating in its popular online games may eventually turn into more profits for Valve. Steam technology is being impliment in the upcoming 1.4 patch for Counter-Strike. More information is available here.
 aRCa over Wargasm
News item written by Slay, March, 27 | 0 comments
Pretty slow EuroCup night, as only one match was scheduled. The Swedish aRCa took on the Danish Wargasm.
 Vikings|eSports over VSE
News item written by Slay, March, 26 | 0 comments
Due to CA flashing their wildcard against QPO, only one match was played tonight, as Vikings|eSports met their compatriots at VSE.
 Quiet Monday
News item written by Yodaz, March, 26 | 0 comments
Traditionally Monday is not the big match day and today was not any different.

One game was played in Eurocup 5 where iCE cLIMBERS took on clan dunno. IC managed to win rather trouble free despite the even fragscore, their victory win was never in jeopardy.

  • OSPDM6 107 to 91 IC
  • CPM4 144 to 103 IC

    Clanbase CTF:
    nEo - nV
  • WCP5 3-0
  • WCP9 4-0

    Everything returned to normal in CB CTF after the shocking news that was announced earlier today regarding a player, 32nd, fakenicking during an official game. The player was later banned from Clanbase.

    Tomorrow sees QPO playing CA and Vikings playing VSE in the Eurocup.
  •  bds interviewed
    News item written by Slay, March, 25 | 0 comments
    Bds, a gamer that has contributed more to CS then almost anyone else, was interviewed recently by GamingEYE.
     Doom3 and Quake4 X-Box only?
    News item written by Slay, March, 25 | 0 comments
    One of the many rumours floating around the eSports scene these days is that the much anticipated titles Doom3 and Quake4, will be X-Box first, and maybe X-Box only?
     Busy EuroCup Sunday
    News item written by Slay, March, 25 | 0 comments
    It seems to be that Sundays are the most popular playing days this season in EuroCup, as 6 matches were played last night.
     SK disqualified from PGCL
    News item written by Yodaz, March, 25 | 0 comments
    On a rather long post on the SK website the whole team of SK Q3 explained how disgusted they were about PGCL disqualifying them from the ongoing PGCL tournament. Basically it invovled mTw making sure that Stelam was not playing the PGCL game against them (since you have to be 18 to play in Germany). Since the guy that mTw sent out to check could not enter the building because of security reasons the admins from PGCL decided to disqualify SK. Read the whole post here. It seemed kind of weird to me that mTw would even send a person to check up on the matter.
     CPL|Griff interviewed
    News item written by Slay, March, 23 | 0 comments
    The CPL Europe Managing Director Ralf Reichert, better known as Griff was interviewed by ReptiLe, on behalf of
     Eurocup Friday
    News item written by Yodaz, March, 22 | 0 comments
    I was putting my money on shuuk on Cbooky, because I really thought that they would pull themselves together for the first time this season against murk. Seeing on GTV that shuuk probably pinged 35 and murk 60, I was sure that my bet would hold up.
    The started out on murk’s map the Icelandic made OSPDM6. All their betatesting on this map has really paid of in this year’s Eurocup 5. Added that shuuk does not look like knowing what to do on this map, gave murk a rather easy victory 116 to 83.
    shuuk’s DM14 was up next. Throughout the whole game shuuk’s PU just seemed to die very fast without doing damage while murk’s PU runner usually received 5-6 kills. Shuuk looks far from the team that beat SK on DM14 in last season and made it to the playoffs. Not sure what have happened to the team but murk won the map 113 to 57, again rather easy.
    Yet again an impressive victory for murk with a big ping disadvantage. They have quickly become most people’s favourite team to route for, as they keep amazing everyone, that they are able to play like that with that ping.

    Played a half an hour later was aRCa against p1mps. First map up was aRCa’s OSPDM5. p1mps got a really good start with 20-30 frags within minutes. aRCa was just playing catchup for the rest of the game winning a lot of frags with their nice Quadcontrol and loosing frags in between the Quads. Final score 112 to 84 p1mps.
    On OSPDM6 p1mps seemed satisfied with settling with the Railgun and PG area and aRCa with controlling the RA area. In between Quad’s the fragging was pretty even, with p1mps getting some mad Quadruns and was leading with about 20-30 at the 16 mark when aRCa lost focus and let p1mps completely dominate the map and lost 115 to 74.

    Tomorrow sees x4 playing mTw at 18 CET and iron against x4 at 23 CET in Eurocup 5.
     CPL Summer Qualifiers
    News item written by Slay, March, 22 | 0 comments
    The CPL issued a press release concerning the much awaited list of qualifiers for their upcoming Summer event.
     Clanbase GTV providers...
    News item written by Uncas, March, 22 | 0 comments
    As it say's @ Clanbase:

    Although the EuroCup provides you with several matches per day on average to follow live on GTV, that may not be enough for some of you. Cry no longer, for in a super exclusive deal that involves millions of dollars and euros, Clanbase has agreed to let the Resurrection 2 league use Clanbase's GTVs. In return those matches will be announced in the #eurocup topic for European night owls to enjoy. Resurrection 2 is the biggest American Q3TDM league with top clans like cK and 519 participating in it. Matches will typically start between 2am and 4am CET.

    Also be sure to go to Cached and vote for the Resurrection 2 All-stars teams. The top two names in each category will populate them. The vote is open until next Sunday evening.
    The All-Star game will be taking place Saturday, March 30th at 9pm est. and Clanbase will no doubt broadcast it via their GTV servers.
     Clanbase Nations cups
    News item written by Uncas, March, 22 | 0 comments
    Clanbase will be hosting several tournaments in several games where several European nations can field a national team and duke it out against other nations (long sentence?).
    The chosen games are:
     Germany over Denmark in EuroCTF
    News item written by Uncas, March, 22 | 0 comments
    Germany defeated Denmark in their fight for a spot in the semi finals of the EuroCTF.
    There they join France and Switzerland who already qualified.
    Soon England will play Belgium for the fourth and final spot.
     Tonight´s Eurocup matches:
    News item written by Uncas, March, 21 | 0 comments
    All three of tonight's matches have been played, with no really big surprises, so I guess the "play it safe" eBooky gamblers got their moneys worth...
    I know I did.
     EuroCup Q3 action tonight
    News item written by Slay, March, 21 | 0 comments
    Tonight features three matches in the Q3 division of EuroCup V. The match-to-watch is without a doubt the Scandinavian fight between Deluxe(Finland) and one of Swedens best, QPO.
     RES2: Final week, wed results, thur schedule
    News item written by Covert, March, 21 | 0 comments
    This week will play out the final regular season week of the Resurrection2 league. As it stands now, cK and 519, who play eachother this week, are sitting pretty up top in the east with 4-0 records each, and a slew of 3-1 clans below them. Out in the west, FiTH has a comfortable lead as the only 4-0 clan, with nova right behind them with a 3-1 record, and the rest of the teams at 2-2 or lower. With that said, 2 matches took place last night. Here are the results.

  • DigA-2 over Rori (2-0 | 216-151)
  • FiTH over ind (2-0 | 182-46)

  • There will be 4 matches taking place tonight. Here is a list of the matches and the times.

  • [3g] vs wK @ 9:00pm est
  • [CCCP] vs kfc- @ 10:30pm est
  • jp- vs rm @ 10:30pm est
  • m3 vs n! @ 11:00pm est

  • Be sure to check back tommorrow for updated scores, fridays schedule, and other info. Also, drop by #resurrection on for scorebot and GTV information.
     CAL: DoD Week 5 results
    News item written by Covert, March, 21 | 0 comments
    Time to get back into the flow...

    Week 5 of the CyberAthlete Amatuer League went down last night on dod_avalanche. Here is a complete list of the results.

  • |101st| over [MA] (589-201)
  • .:dwk:. over [xeno] (479-211)
  • ^db^ over ||EASY|| (474-201)
  • [HJE] over GKR (473-435)
  • [45th-ID] over [SCC] (466-237)
  • <<KS*2>> over =X= (458-193)
  • [Cosa] over [-39th-] (449-179)
  • [JTHM] over <<KS*1>> (419-230)
  • [R22R] over =][-MF-][= (406-326)
  • |6th-ND| over [4th RNGR] (403-192)
  • ve over CdG (372-232)
  • d7 over |a0tp| (369-257)
  • ]9th.SS[ over -EDQ- (352-241)
  • |USMC| over [DerStuhl] (344-255)
  • |MM| over [*T*T*P*] (312-276)
  • |ATF| over Zeddi (311-280)
  • [-=RBC=-] over [90th] (305-294)
  • [ECM] over |NUDE| (303-278)
  • {VTX} over [F117] (forfiet)
  • |Bs| over [96th:EC] (forfiet)
  • [GXA] over hb- (forfiet)
  • |5.o| over |AwD| (forfiet)
  • [bS-] over |eA| (forfiet)
  • -Nt- over [118th] (forfiet)
  • BYOS over <<FF-B@Y (forfiet)

  • Inace you havent already heard, the previously announced CPL DoD tournament is in trouble, and could possible be canceled for a RtCW tournament. As you can see, the number of DoD clans is far from lacking, but very few have actually registered an entire team to the CPL tournament (5), with only 1 being considered a top tier team (^db^). Most clans out there, such as 101st, Cosa, and dwk have said they are waiting to register, but if the DoD community wants their game to remain a CPL ,000 tournament, delaying is not an option.

    I myself personally enjoy playing RtCW over DoD, and see the RtCW community as a more orginized community. However, I would like to see the DoD tournament stand for many reasons. #1 I dont want to see the "professional" league (CPL) yet again cancel another official/confirmed tournament (dejavu quake), or come back on a statement yet again. #2 I think this could help boost the DoD community into some of the "eSport" spotlight, letting them shine with the top dogs like CS, Q3, and RtCW. #3 I think if the CPL decided to run a RtCW tournament with the QuakeCON one already scheduled 3 weeks later, that both tournaments would be effected pretty bad and be low quality, with maybe 102 teams attending both. So again, if you plan to attend the CPL, you need to register NOW, else you wont be attending at all (atleast for a DoD tournament). And hey, if the tournament does get canceled, you can always get a refund.

    Here are some linkgs for some info on the DoD tournament: rules, prizes, schedule, and confirmed teams.
     New Seismovision out
    News item written by Slay, March, 21 | 0 comments
    There is a new patch out for the popular demo viewing tool, Seismovision.