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Power to the People
Fri, Sep 7 23:38 | 0 comments - Post a reply
What the Quake III TDM community did with Resurrection was great stuff: A practical combination of riveting match-ups, extensive coverage, and a simple desire to revive the competition of old. Yet the CTF side has been lagging behind with their player-created project, the CCL. Both tournaments were formed by the players, yet one remains in the dark weeks after its birth. Are CTF players incapable of running a league?
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Losing Sight of the Goal

Now fast-forward to mid-August of 2001...

The much anticipated Season Two of the Cyberathlete Amateur League's Quake III CTF Division is approaching Week 1. The invited teams are announced... Wait... "Invited"? Who said the CAL-Q3CTF League was an "invite" league?

[44]bear: Starting a more competitive, invitational league, is the answer. Playing against teams with skill, attitude, and history is much more important than playing with a greater quantity of clans. Many of the top contending teams in CTF, joined CAL season 2 thinking that it would have the same format as season 1 did. We were wrong and are here to say we are leaving. - From the CCL document written by [44]bear.

The controversial CTF Community League (CCL) was formed on a spur of the moment... A reaction to an action. A small collective will argue it was created out of spite towards CAL, and an even smaller contingent will simply refuse to participate in what will supposedly be a summit for high-profile CTF action. Any way you toss it, someone within the Q3CTF community does not support the CCL.

Nevertheless, the founders of the CTF Community League struggled on to continue where Season 1 of the CAL-Q3CTF League left off...

While 21 CTF teams from across the U.S.A. anxiously awaited Week 1 of CCL play (and still do), the TDMing folk were busy playing and spectating the Resurrection Playoffs, free (temporarily) from any shadowy decisions or controversial moves.
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