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Power to the People
Fri, Sep 7 23:38 | 0 comments - Post a reply
What the Quake III TDM community did with Resurrection was great stuff: A practical combination of riveting match-ups, extensive coverage, and a simple desire to revive the competition of old. Yet the CTF side has been lagging behind with their player-created project, the CCL. Both tournaments were formed by the players, yet one remains in the dark weeks after its birth. Are CTF players incapable of running a league?
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A Matter of Players

Now return to the present, September 2001...

The Resurrection tournament has closed its doors for now, and the Q3TDM community can sit back and smile at the completion of one of the most successful leagues ever. Meanwhile, weeks after its creation, the CCL remains in the dark, supposedly nearing the launch of the league.

Both tournaments were created BY the players, yet one, weeks after its formation, remains a title, a concept... Nothing more.

The Resurrection founders knew WHY they wanted to construct a TDM tournament. They had a communal desire to rather than a personal vendetta. Power3d and the gang promised competition, and they delivered. On time.

The CTF Community League creators formed their tournament out of frustration and anger, reacting to the decree of Thorian and the CAL-Q3CTF League. That is not a long-lasting desire and definitely not worthy of basing a prestigious league upon. The players, as predicted, lost sight of their short-winded focus and the shadow over the CCL only spread as Season 2 of the CAL-Q3CTF League kicked off.

Perhaps TDM players are simply more adept at organizing an online event. One thing I can say for sure is the motivation behind Resurrection was nearly enough in itself to create a long-lasting and enjoyable league. What the CCL is based off of, a rebellion against an organization that propelled CTF into the limelight, is the farthest thing from what a successful league demands.

The CTF Community League may eventually take off, and it has the potential to do exactly that. Yet fulfilling that potential is where the CCL members seem to have hit a roadblock. Perhaps the focus on democracy within the inner circle of the CCL is what is hindering its progression. Maybe the CTF players have simply lost interest in their crusade and refuse to admit it (how long does it take to build a decent website?). Either way, I am not holding my breath for the CCL unfortunately, but I would like to see the league organizers pull this off. Anything less would be simply a slap in the face to the CTF community.

Quake III TDM players now have the raw experience and methods needed to operate a successful competition. Out in CTF land, we are still awaiting any sign of this mysterious invitational league so many spoke of weeks past.

Better late than never I suppose.

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