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Finding the right mouse
Mon, Sep 10 18:23 | 0 comments - Post a reply
Finding the right mouse with the variety available these days can be a gamers nightmare, read this article to get a better understanding on what may be the right mouse for you.
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Individual Skill versus Teamplay in Q3CTF (0)
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Scheduling...on time? or not?

This was given to me by a friend who's name will not be disclosed, after reading it, I proposed that I publish it, since it was a noteworthy piece of work in my eyes, and something that the CTF community should be able to see, noteably the CAL admins.

The purpose of this little assignment was to figure out which clan(s) on each respective coast, had the most difficult schedules during the CALeague-Q3CTF tournament (

East Coast--

Assuming any clan that did not make the playoffs is an easy sweep by a playoff team, I assigned point values to each playoff team. The most difficult (highest seed) teams receive a high point value, and the least difficult (lowest seed) teams receive a low point value.


Seed 1 (Pm) receives a point value of 8 (8 Playoff teams on the east coast)
Seed 2 (44) receives a point value of 7
and so on...

(One cannot assign seed 1 a point value of 1 and have the lowest number be the team with the hardest schedule because teams who did not play as many playoff teams have an advantage.)

So, ***The team with the highest number of points has the toughest schedule, and here are the point values I came up with.***

In order from lowest (easiest schedule) to highest (most difficult schedule)

KI - 2 (1 Playoff team played)
Pm - 12 (3 Playoff teams played)
44 - 13 (3 Playoff teams played)
Ascend - 14 (3 Playoff teams played)
THC - 16 (3 Playoff teams played)
exe - 17 (4 Playoff teams played)
-a- - 18 (3 Playoff teams played)
LM - 25 (4 Playoff teams played)

Note: Clan -aR- played 6 playoff teams (of a possible 8) the most of any clan in the league, and came in with a score of 23.

West Coast--

Same rules and point values apply here, this time only with 6 teams.

In order from lowest (easiest schedule) to highest (most difficult schedule)

MX - 15 (4 Playoff teams played)
(O) - 15 (4 Playoff teams played)
dv8 - 15 (5 Playoff teams played)
m7 - 16 (4 Playoff teams played)
Pmw - 16 (4 Playoff teams played)
rl - 17 (5 Playoff teams played)

A confounding variable can be found on this coast however. Untouchables forfeited 5 games, had they stuck 4 players on the server and taken a loss for those 5 (and gained 5 points in the process) they would be sitting at seed 6 with one more point than the current 6th place team, MX.

The only playoff team to receive a full 3 forfeits from this team, was relentless. By incorporating this into the conclusion, we can assume that each team had relatively equal schedules. However, anyone could have derived this by simply looking at the number of teams on the west coast (10) and seeing an 8 week schedule, realize that there is very little room for an unbalanced schedule.

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