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Looking from the Outside In
Sun, May 13 21:46 | 0 comments - Post a reply
The end of E3 will mark a transitional period for eSports-America. Sean "Cache" Shelton and myself will be bidding farewell as contributors, but not as supporters. MGON is currently developing a new service for gamers, which will be manifested at this website. Read more to learn what the future holds for myself, Cache, and eSports-America.
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The Lost Community


The emotions of the hardcore Quake 3 community run high after "The Announcement" of the CPL. The World Championship was to be an event to end all disputes and declare the true champions of Quake 3. Now, the fledgling community of professional Counter-Strike will have the last word, dawned as the featured game for the year-end extravaganza.

From the business perspective, the decision is obvious. Quake 3 boasts a mere 3500 or so gamers playing at any given time. Counter-Strike, on the other hand, proudly flaunts over 30,000 gamers at any given time. While Quake 3 tournaments have always been short-handed, Counter-Strike tournaments operate at full capacity. id Software has never been a large supporter of such events, whereas Valve has embraced the professional community with offers of help and full cooperation.

Conversely, Quake has carried the torch as the professional platform for many years. The tradition of controlling a map, using the right weapon, and beating your opponent in a true test of individual skill is lacking in Counter-Strike. The history, the spirit, the admiration of the truly hardcore -- these are the things which define Quake 3. To abandon Quake 3 is to abandon the godfather of professional gaming. It is the last of the trilogy; to disappear without closure is unsettling to many.

Questions surround the death of a competitive community. Without the support of the CPL, what leg is left for Quake 3 to stand on? Fear not, for all is not lost.

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