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   Columns Archive for Thorian
Latest: Looking from the Outside In
Created Sun, May 13 21:46 | 0 comments - Post a reply
The end of E3 will mark a transitional period for eSports-America. Sean "Cache" Shelton and myself will be bidding farewell as contributors, but not as supporters. MGON is currently developing a new service for gamers, which will be manifested at this website. Read more to learn what the future holds for myself, Cache, and eSports-America.

 Multicast Spectator Software
Created Fri, Apr 13 06:28 | 0 comments - Post a reply
Anticipation swells as the young gamers utilize every last ounce of strength, perfecting their strategy and communication. It is the eve of the first professional Counter-Strike event. On the dual main screens flashes a new treat to gaming spectators: the Multicast Spectator application, developed by Valve software.

 Handling the Unhandled Exception
Created Sun, Apr 1 21:16 | 0 comments - Post a reply
It seems almost random. After installing Tribes 2 and downloading the updates, many people get an Unhandled Exception error. Some believe it has to do with 3dfx cards. Others believe it has to do with Windows 2000. In truth, it can strike anybody at any time. Luckily, I have found a fix for this annoying issue.

 The Global Perspective
Created Thu, Mar 15 21:03 | 0 comments - Post a reply
The shockwave still travels through the Quake 3 community. No longer will the CPL feature their game at the World Championship this December. Immediate backlash surged through the veins of those most affected, generating disruption and protest in the highly impulsive group. As feelings of disdain and betrayal run rampant, new information comes to light as an alternative to those who dedicated their lives to Quake 3.