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eSports Help & Information!

  When we decided to design eSports we knew there would be many questions that both the general and professional community would want answered. During the development of eSports we recieved many e-mails and phone calls from all kinds of different individuals with all kinds of different questions. What we've tried to do is compile a list of the most common questions and their appropriate answers for you to view in an ordered, easy to read fashion.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is eSports and what do you get out of it?

      To answer this very simple, yet very important question there are a few key areas that need to be explained.

      Every serious gamer, and casual gamer for that matter, would like to see gaming elevate to the same level of competition as main stream sporting events. We too have the same goals and ambitions.

      The problem is that LAN type events are very expensive, and because of this large cost to compete on a fair battle ground, a lot of players around the world are missing out on the potential to aid in the growth of online, competitive gaming.

      We believe that in order for competitive gaming to reach the level of main stream sports, there are steps that need to be taken ahead of time. We plan on bringing a fair battle ground to users from the comfort of their own home, without the several hundred dollar cost of a LAN.

      We plan on doing this by providing…

    1. The Prizes
    2. The Servers and Connection Quality
    3. The Service
    4. Cheating
           a. Ways we have already implemented to combat the problem of cheating.
    5. Too good to be true?

    The Prizes:

    1. We have allocated 20% of all money generated by tournament signups and membership fees to provide prizes for the players.
    2. We've also setup a strong list of contacts and sponsors just waiting to get involved on the sponsorship level.
    3. Players will also be able to wager their "eSports credits" on maches.

    The Servers and Connection Quality:

    On top of having this great system that automates nearly every aspect of running and playing in complex tournaments, leagues, and ladders, we have setup a great technical solution as well:

    1. Game Servers

    A) We purchase and control all servers that players will be able to play on.
    B) When new servers are required we are able to provide them with two weeks notice to any location in the world (that has a stable enough connection of course).

    2. Connection Quality

    Sure it's great that we have bought all these amazing game servers and are allowing players to use them, but what about the ping times and connection quality right?

    We already have a strategic partnership with Telia International Carrier (#1 Tier1 backbone in USA) to put our game servers on the core level of the internet. We are planning to partner with individual, smaller ISP's all over the world to make sure that players get the absolute best connection possible.

    What this all means is that the gamers will always have a place to play, and not just any place to play, the best place to play in terms of connection quality and stability.

    The Service:

    We have designed a transaction engine and an API that allow us to run extremely complex, or extremely basic events for any game we choose to support. There are two types of eSports game-play available and their features are:

    **Everything in eSports costs "eSports credits".

    1. Credits can be purchased at any time during membership.
    2. Events - Costs a # of credits to enter. The higher the cost to enter the event, the bigger the prizes will be.
    3. Challenge Matches - Each time you challenge someone, it costs each person a # of credits. If you win, you take the other persons contributed credits.


    1. Automatic Seeding
    2. Support for Multiple Tournament Logics
    a. Single Elimination
    b. Double Elimination
    c. Round Robin
    d. Chance Elimination
    e. Etc… Etc…
    3. Time and Variable Negotiating
    a. Suggest/reject times from your opponent.
    b. Suggest/reject map to be played.
    4. The game is launched via a well designed "lobby" that players enter into before playing. Players cannot launch into the game until all opponents are in the lobby and "ready", taking away the hassle of waiting around in game for players to ready up. Once in the game there is only a certain period of time before it starts.
    5. Automatic Event Administration - Statistics and results are gathered and sent back to the database/web-interface automatically.

    Challenge Matches

    1. Challenge and be challenged by any eSports member for a particular game.
    2. Time and Variable Negotiating
    a. Suggest/reject times from your opponent.
    b. Suggest/reject map to be played.
    c. Suggest/reject a time limit of the game.
    3. Wager eSports Credits - You and your opponent can agree on a credit value of your game.

    All of these features allow players to enjoy playing the games rather than worry about conforming to any regulations that are set out by administrators (i.e. -sending in results manually).


    Cheating has always been a big issue and we have worked towards solving this in a few ways.

    1. There is no anonymous playing! The eSports system does not allow for people to play under alias' and disguise who they are. Because this is a pay service there is a certain level of identity that is attached to each player. If players are going to be paying to play then there is a lesser chance that they will be motivated to cheating for fear of disqualification without reimbursement. We have written it into our terms and conditions that if a player is caught and convicted of cheating they can be banned/exiled without any refund.

    2. By owning and controlling the game-servers players have to use in eSports tournaments we are able to closely watch, and analyze everything about them.

    3. Our system is designed to detect anomalies. By anomalies we mean that it is designed to watch for drastic changes in specific players and will flag those players for review when certain #'s are returned.

    4. Player Reporting - One of the things we are allowing players to do is to flag other players if there is a suspicion of cheating. These flags will then be sent to administrators and then that player's profile will be analyzed and that player will be watched very closely.

    Too Good to Be True?

    Whenever someone comes along saying they have the next greatest thing for gaming, the general response is always the same; "yah yah, like that is going to happen!"

    If you are thinking that all of this sounds a little too good to be realistic then think again. The necessary components and services required to provide a solution like this one have been around for quite some time. The problem is that nobody has ever tried to combine, and refine all of them.

    We have taken the time and resources required to design a working technical solution that can do all of the things stated above. Now it is just a matter of showing and convincing everybody that it does work as stated.

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