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Sportradar is a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content for its clients around the world. We provide cutting-edge solutions and services to media companies, bookmakers, sports federations and state authorities. It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 800 companies in over 80 countries.

Backed by its experience providing state-of-the-art entertainment services, Sportradar has designed a pool of exciting eSports data solutions, ensuring media companies have the perfect tools to cover eSports in the same manner as they do traditional sports and thus attracting the attention of a completely new audience.

Under its Integrity Services brand, Sportradar works hand in hand with ESL and the Esports Integrity Coalition to safeguard competitive eSports from matchfixing.

Through its Betradar brand, which is recognised as the leading solutions provider into the land-based and online sports betting sector, the company sits at the forefront of regulated eSports betting, partnering with DOJOMadness (a leading eSports Big Data company) to ensure that operators have the fastest and most reliable data, streams and content available in the market.

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WH Partners Logo

WH Partners is a leading Malta-based business law firm best known for its strong understanding of the digital economy as well as for advising stake holders in the fields of education, financial services, gaming & gambling, leisure & hospitality, real estate, taxation and wealth management. The firm’s corporate, M&A, tax, IP, employment and regulatory lawyers are very active advising businesses across a raft of these areas. The firm’s private client practice deals on an ongoing basis with high to very high net worth individuals and with family offices on matters ranging from succession planning and residence to yacht and aircraft registration.

The firm predominantly operates from its Maltese offices as well as having consulting rooms in London.

Over the years WH Partners has acted on some of the largest M&A deals involving technology companies based in Malta and has advised several of the leading gaming and gambling brands in the world, as well as gambling regulators on the regulatory framework for gambling in Malta and across several other jurisdictions. Recently the firm has advised the Malta Gaming Authority on updating and substantially reforming Maltese gaming law .

The firm’s lawyers are among the strongest in Malta in their respective practice areas and are well regarded by regulators and clients for their thoroughness, efficiency and knowledge of their clients’ business, as well as their versatility.