Apply for an eSports Conference Press Pass

A limited number of complimentary press passes for the eSports Conference are offered to editorial staff writers employed by a trade publication, mainstream media outlet (newspaper, radio, TV, etc), or online magazines. All press pass holders must abide by Kisaco Research’s Press Policy (see below).

How to Coordinate Media Efforts with the European eSports Conference:

  • Apply for a press pass by completing, signing and emailing this form to us at [email protected].
  • Connect on our Social Media Handles (@eSportsevent & @KisacoRES)
  • Share our event on your site: Media may utilise the event logos for editorial reporting purposes only; however, any additional usage is prohibited unless express written permission is granted by Kisaco Research.
  • Write about or mention our event through pertinent articles


Kisaco Research’s Press Policy:

  • Due to the sensitive nature of some of our conference sessions, our events are not public. Press pass holders may be asked to leave at any time, for any reason, including violating any of our basic protocol:
  • Media members are required to show press credentials. Proper ID will be required for admittance.
  • Media members must identify themselves as media at all times by wearing a visible press badge, introducing yourself as a reporter or representative for ‘X’ publication throughout the event.
  • Conference materials are not included with press passes.

  • Tape recording is forbidden, without prior speaker (or attendee) consent.
  • Media members are not to pass information to conference-producing divisions of their companies.
  • Any subsequent article(s) containing information gathered at a Kisaco Research event must include a credit to the event.

Please send electronic copies of published articles to the Kisaco Research Team within 30 days of the event or when article/story appears in print or online. Please send articles to [email protected].