Company Overview

Kisaco Research produces, designs and hosts B2B industry conferences, exhibitions and communities – focused on a specialized selection of topic areas – on the basis of four pillars

01/ Quality and Relevance

We research specialised topics in order to build high-quality and in-depth programmes, working with industry experts and professionals who are carefully selected by their experience, achievements and willingness to share their best practices and lessons learned. We also connect quickly with industry insiders who can help create great career enhancing networks for participants.

02/ Neutral and Open Learning Forum

We provide a neutral and open learning forum for customers to grab experience from our speaker faculties, insight from peers, and advice from exhibitors, many of whom have worked on the client side and understand intimately what the challenges are

03/ Meaningful Engagement & Environment

We gather an ambitious group of like-minded professionals together and set the foundations for long term relationships that endure well beyond our conferences and exhibitionscustomers’ needs right now, but that will help them decide in which direction to move.

04/ Investment in Future Direction

We design programmes based not just on our customers’ needs right now, but that will help them decide in which direction to move.

Benefits of Attending Our Events


Industry peers that will help build a career-changing network for life



from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes - ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies



down the inspired notes that will form the foundation for future strategies and roadmaps, both at our events and through our online communities

both in your company growth and your own personal development by signing up to one of our events and get started