With the rapid developments in eSports, it is critical that our eSports Conference Program tie in the most up-to-date topics and influencers to ensure our attendees receive the highest and most relevant value onsite. That’s why we are working with an elite Global Advisory Board, comprised of eSports industry leaders, influencers and veterans. Learn about our eSports Global Advisory Board Members below.
  • David Yarnton


David Yarnton has been involved in the Video Games industry for over 20 years and is currently a Director of Gfinity Ltd the only listed eSports company in the United Kingdom and the first company in the world to launch a dedicated eSports arena which will be the venue for tournaments featuring the top teams in the world competing in all of the best eSports games in a season running in London from March until October.

In addition to Gfinity David is involved in the sports industry with a couple of digital start-ups and prior to that was a senior executive with Nintendo for17 years, most recently in charge of their business in the UK & Ireland having moved there with the company from Australia in 2003. He has been on a number of industry boards and is currently Co-Chairman of the eSports sub-group of UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment, the only trade body for the UK’s games and wider interactive entertainment industry) as well as being Founder and Chairman of the British Inspiration Awards an organisation that helps recognise and celebrate British creative achievements.

  • Steve Arhancet

    Team Liquid

After 12 years in the financial industry, Steve Arhancet joined the world of professional gaming. He is now the co-owner of one of the world’s leading eSports teams – Team Liquid.

With over five years of managing teams under his belt, Steve is now responsible for managing Team Liquid, and the entire Team Curse organisation, following the merger of both groups under the wider ‘Team Liquid’ banner.

  • Bryce Blum

    Foster Pepper PLLC

Bryce Blum is a lawyer and avid gamer. He maintains a full-time practice in eSports law, representing players, teams, leagues, tournament organizers and other service providers in the eSports industry. Bryce’s work spans across virtually every major eSports title. He counsels clients on entertainment, sports, intellectual property, business, and gaming law issues.

Bryce is an active member of the eSports community. He frequently participates in discussions surrounding eSports disputes on Reddit and Twitter under the handle “esportslaw,” appears on eSports talk shows, and acts as a guest writer for The Daily Dot. Bryce is also in the process of drafting a white paper series on eSports law, which delves into the most fundamental legal challenges impeding the rise of eSports and attempts to offer solutions for past, present, and future legal problems.


  • Peter Warman


Peter Warman (1971) is CEO and co-founder of Newzoo, the international games market research specialist. With its global and local market intelligence, Newzoo services clients such as Facebook, Tencent, EA, YouTube, Valve, Microsoft, Supercell, RedBull and King. Recently Newzoo launched the report Global Growth of eSports, Trends, Audience and Revenues Towards 2017 that includes an in-depth comparison with traditional sports. After being responsible for sales and business development at Europe’s largest interactive agency (LBi), he was responsible for internet development at Reed Business and operated as commercial director for an online multiplayer game for children. Peter is a frequent speaker on the business aspects of the games market and the impact games has on other industries.

Newzoo recently released its Global Growth of Esports Report and its clients include the majority of key players in the Esports space, e.g. Blizzard, RiotGames, Activision, RedBull, Nvidia, ESL, Fnatic, SteelSeries.


  • Steven “OftenWrong” Wade

    Angel Investor | Entrepreneur | Advisor

Steve is an active angel investor in eSports with investments in eSportsfanz which is capitalizing on the unprecedented rapid growth of eSports tournament play with a new, exciting way to view advanced analytics and statistics, Hyroglyphic the world’s first eSports gamer network focusing on developing partnerships between brands and professional eSports casters. , and Gamespace a soon to be launched Gamer-first eSports messaging app to his already growing 2 million monthly active users. In the last ten years he has lead corporate strategy & business development for multiple PC MMORPGs, game portals, gaming payment solutions, and mobile games.– but prior to all that at the age of 15 in his parents basement generated 90k USD from 1997 to 2002 playing Ultima Online competitively; 2v2 or 1v1. No pots.

  • Mike Vorhaus

    Senior Vice President and President of Magid Advisors
    Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.

Having been extensively involved in video and PC gaming strategies, as well as the development of new gaming concepts, Mike Vorhaus provides research and consultation services to major traditional media companies about new media initiatives, venture capitalists and private equity firms about investment in the media space, as well as consultation services to a number of leading internet and gaming companies.