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Power to the People
Fri, Sep 7 23:38 | 0 comments - Post a reply
What the Quake III TDM community did with Resurrection was great stuff: A practical combination of riveting match-ups, extensive coverage, and a simple desire to revive the competition of old. Yet the CTF side has been lagging behind with their player-created project, the CCL. Both tournaments were formed by the players, yet one remains in the dark weeks after its birth. Are CTF players incapable of running a league?
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Doing It Right

Think back to early June of 2001 for a moment...

The Quake III TDM scene is hanging by a thread, desperately hoping for any place to compete. Taking matters into their own hands, a handful of respected TDM players strike out into the darkness and create what would become one of the most successful Q3TDM leagues ever.

[id]Power3d: We were hoping to spark clans’ interest in q3tdm again. We know that q3tdm is dying because there are no tourneys for it so the level of competition had gone all the way down. Why do we want to spark their interest in tdm again? BECAUSE WE LOVE TDM! :) - From an interview on with Power3d.

The motivation behind Resurrection was simple: The players wanted to... play. The passion to create an enjoyable experience for the teams involved was already in place, and only the technicalities remained.

Resurrection is a prime example of power to the people - The players creating what would normally be done by online organizations such as Teamplay.Net. In the face of a dying scene and apparent lack of interest from those organizations, a golden opportunity surfaced and Q3TDM was resurrected.
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